Smash the guilt. Set healthy boundaries. Find your voice. Have amazing friendships and get what you want.

I get it. You want to achieve and succeed. You want to make your family proud. My experience with my clients is when we incorporate play and are kind to ourselves, we achieve more and it’s more fulfilling. Also, when we do it in community it's even better.

We only have one life to live, make it count and have fun along the way.



Are you feeling guilty for not doing enough and wanting to acknowledge and love yourself?

Do you often feel judged by your family and want to set healthy boundaries?

Does feeling quirky and different stop you from reaching out and having loving friendships?

Are you getting passed over for promotions for those who are less qualified and wanting to assert yourself to get what you deserve?

Do you feel guilty for asking your husband to take care of the kids so you can go and get a massage or hangout with your friends?

The Slay and Play Sisterhood will give you the tools you need to let go of the guilt and shame, ask for that raise and actually enjoy your life.


This program creates a safe space for you to address your limiting cultural beliefs and stories from your upbringing that are keeping you small.


Get over your guilt. 

Culturally, you've grown up with a lot of guilt and shame. Always worrying about if you're a good daughter, good mom, good wife, good worker and ultimately never feeling good enough. Guilt and shame don't serve you and definitely don't serve those around you. This program will help you to overcome your guilt and shame so you can have self-acceptance and be more present, connected and joyful with those around you.

Set healthy boundaries. 

Do you struggle with people-pleasing? You want to be there for those you love, but do you find yourself feeling resentful because your needs are not being met? This program was created to give you the tools to set healthy boundaries, so that you can have your needs met, while having greater connection to those in your life.

Have authentic friendships.

Do you scroll on social media and envy friends going on a girls weekend with their squad? You tell yourself you're too quirky and awkward to have close friendships. You're not alone. We all think we're weird and different in someway. The Slay and Play Sisterhood will empower you to love and accept your quirks and to have the confidence to build close and authentic friendships.

Find your voice and ask for what you want.

You're half-way through a meeting and you're the only one who hasn't said anything. What can you say that will sound smart and not come across as weird or dumb? What if you could speak in a meeting without worrying how you sound? What if you could be present and could enjoy the conversation? This program will empower you to get out of your head and give you the practice to find your voice, so you can feel confident to speak up, ask for what you want and get it.






I was feeling stagnant on a few aspects of my adult life so I made it a point to make a change. Things were generally good but what would it take to make it great? Wendy provided the guidance and challenge I needed to improve myself personally and professionally. I saw so much growth within the first 3-months of group coaching. I learned so much about my own roadblocks and gained clarity on my wants (beyond my needs). I'm speaking louder and getting my thoughts across clearer. I'm truly excited to see where all this growth will take me and I have to thank Wendy for that difference.

Elaine Chen 

"It's astonishing to think about how much I have grown and changed since I began working with Wendy. As a client of her one-on-one coaching, I was able to work through many of the low confidence and self-esteem challenges that had prevented me from taking charge of my life. Wendy's coaching shifted my perspective so that I could become empowered not just to voice what I want, but to achieve goals. Now, in a group coaching setting, my continued work with Wendy is allowing me to build upon the gains I've made towards becoming a better version of myself. I feel stronger and more whole, and find myself reaching out to support those around me. Thanks to Wendy, I no longer feel frozen by fear and self-doubt."

Patti Bunyasaranand



Promises of the Program

What are the tangible results you'll get from Slay and Play Sisterhood?


Better Relationships with Your Family

This program will shift the dynamic of your relationship with your family from child-to-adult to adult-to-adult. Instead of sucking it up and barely tolerating your family, this program will give you the tools to set healthier boundaries with your family, be more self-expressed and have greater communication and connection.


Greater Career Opportunities

Have you been working hard, putting your head down waiting to be noticed? Only to see others who are more vocal get opportunities you should be getting? This program will give you the skills to use your voice, ask for what you want and see yourself as a more powerful person. You will go from wanting to get noticed to taking charge of your situation and creating opportunities.


Closer Friendships

Do you feel a little awkward sometimes? We all feel that way, but we think we're the only one. This program will support you to embrace your weird. When you can do that, others will too. You'll build the foundation to be able to reach out and have true, authentic and connected friendships.


Confidence to Ask For Support

Did you grow up believing asking for help was a sign of weakness and that you shouldn't air out your dirty laundry? This program will empower you to dispel that myth, so that you can ask your husband to watch your kids for your self-care time, ask that person to mentor you and get what you want more easily.


More Joy and Fun

As women of color, we were not encouraged to spend a lot of time playing and having fun. We were told we needed to be productive and help out the family. You've spent your whole life trying to achieve the next thing, only to get there and not feel fulfilled. This program will support you add more fun and play to your everyday life, no matter what your situation.



How long is the program?

This is a 12-week program, starting in late January 2021.

What does the program entail?

We will have weekly calls of 90 minutes a week. Each participant also gets 3 1-on-1 on coaching calls during the 12-weeks of the program. You will be assigned an accountability buddy, whom you will check-in with weekly. There will also be a private Faceboook group for the community for support.

How do I register for the program?

Apply here and you will be contacted for a 30-minute call to see if the program is a good fit. This is when we will also discuss pricing and the payment plans available.

Is my registration refundable?

All tickets are 100% refundable within 30 days the first session of the program.


I'm Wendy: an international best-selling author, speaker and transformation coach for women of color. I’m half-Korean and half-German. My parents split when I was really young and I lived with my Dad in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I was always the only Asian kid in my class and usually in the whole school. I remember feeling different from a young age and I didn’t like that, so I tried to assimilate as much as could. To me, everything Asian was weird and bad, but everything white was good and to be aspired to. I even felt ashamed of kimchee and how bad it smelled (now, I can’t get enough).

When I was eleven, I moved to Hawaii to live with my mother. Kids told me that I acted weird and talked funny. I spoke up in class and I was told I was showing off. I was too “haole.” Again, I felt like I didn’t belong. So, I tried to blend in again. 

From that point on, I was quiet, kept to myself and I played it cool. I put my head down and worked hard to do well academically. I went to a college prep school for high school and went to Georgetown for college (not Harvard, to the disappointment of my mom). I kept checking the boxes, kept playing the game of what I thought it meant to be a good Asian girl and to be successful in this country. 

I went into the corporate world  and was promoted to a senior manager position-I was often the only woman and only person of color and I once again put my head down so I could climb the corporate ladder. I stayed quiet and did not want to make waves, so I could succeed. I got married, had the big house in the suburbs, had the 2.2 kids. I had achieved everything that was expected of me and yet, I was tired and unfulfilled. I was tired of conforming to what everyone expected of me. For the first time in my life, I asked myself: What do I want?

This was really hard for me to answer because I had never asked myself that question. Over time, I realized I wanted to do work that was meaningful, where I felt like I was making a difference in people’s lives. But, what and how?

I figured out I wanted to be a coach, but how would I tell my mom? She wouldn’t even know what that meant. What would she think about me leaving a high-paying job to do something so risky and unsure? How would she feel about me pursuing something that was unrelated to my expensive education? How would she feel about explaining this to her friends and our family? Would she see me as a disappointment? My mom didn’t necessarily get it, but she didn’t object either. Maybe she thought it was a phase.

I left my corporate job over 6 years ago. It was one of the hardest things I ever did in my life. There was so much fear: fear of failure, fear of looking stupid, fear of not knowing what I was doing, fear of not having enough money. I went through a lot of therapy, personal development, coaching and inner work to lean into love over fear. 

Now I get to empower women like me, Asian-American women and other women of color to find your voice and use it. I believe that when women of color stand up and share their voice the world becomes bigger, kinder and more beautiful. Instead of blending in, we get to contribute and make a difference in this world. Now I get to share this message.

Thank you for being here. I'm so excited to meet and connect with you. I'm 100% confident this program will empower you to gain confidence and clarity to go after what you want while having fun along the way.

Wendy Kim


There’s no better time to grow and thrive. Don’t put your life on hold based on external circumstances. Get the support you need to be your best. You don't have to do it alone. Become the brave and powerful person you're meant to be.